Mad Men Delayed, Blame Advertising.

I love advertising- almost too much. I love figuring out how a brand can fit into an experience vs. around it, or even worse, bastardizing it. I understand and respect the need for old school push advertising to tell people what they need to know (in those cases, I hope the messaging and standalone experience are good).  I have also seen how the inability to approach things differently and fall back on old ways can destroy what the people love and engage with.

It is the reason why, I love this story – from  Irony Alert: Mad Men Delayed until 2012… over advertising dispute.

It’s not just advertising, it cuts deeper. It is a case of integrity of the show/vision/concept hit head-on by the revenue police/turnip squeezers.  And in my opinion, very short-sighted turnip squeezers. The big asks, that appear to be the sticking point:

– Remove 2 minutes of show so more ads can be jammed in

– More product placement (they already do quite a bit)

– Cut 2 cast members to keep costs down

Where is a mediator when you need one. There has to be a solution that makes the writers and the (cable) network happy while still offering brands meaningful ways to wide the wave of success Mad Men has. Or it’s a case of old school thinking- convention tells AMC that it’s one of the longest running cable shows out there and the numbers say the run is almost over, now is the time to squeeze as much money as we can, consumer/viewer experience be damned.   I hope they figure this out without losing a writer or characters (until the time is right in the story).

My advice to networks (who are still a very important part of experiences and will be until they become too easy to side-step): Stop forcing appointment viewing, stop shoving more noise into the mix, and stop trying to squeeze the life out of everything so early.

(thank you @ghammy for sharing).


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